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Labels you may be seeing in the grocery store....

So, a few systems that evaluate the nutritional value(s) of food(s) are starting to show up in the food industry, particularly at grocery stores (ie. Whole Foods).  

NuVal™ is based on the Overall Nutritional Quality Index (ONQI™), a patent-pending algorithm that converts complex nutritional information into an easy-to-read number - basically it scores foods from 0-100,  with 100 being the most nutritional when comparing the "good" vs the bad" of a particular food.  Examples:   Coca Cola: 1 (not rocket science!),  Turkey Breast: 56,  Mango:100

The ANDI system is a bit more specific as it measures the micronutrient content of foods.  The system determined the most nutrient dense foods on a scale of 0-1000.  Foods that score lower are not necessarily bad for you...they just may not pack the "punch" that other foods do.  Examples: Watercress: 1000,  Raspberries: 133, Almonds: you see, ALL of these foods are good for you, but Watercress is more nutrient dense than the other two cited.

While providing a informative and useful service to the public, one should keep in mind that these two systems are guides and should not be strictly adhered to when making smart and healthy may end up lacking certain vitamins, good fats, etc..if you just search for the foods with the best numbers!  

For more information, search for NuVal under David Katz, MD, and the ANDI system under Joel Fuhrman, MD.



Dr. John

The TRUTH behind neck manipulation vs "Seen ON TV":

Here we go again... It happened on the Dr. Oz show.  In response to the information provided regarding having your neck manipulated and the risk of having a stroke,  the following link is worth your while to take a look at.   In summary, there is a LACK OF EVIDENCE linking manipulation of the neck and stroke.  Sure, steps are taken by the practitioner in order to assess each person to see if any risk factors for cardiovascular disease are noted, but this is part of the examination process in general! 

Shocking titles get great ratings for any media outlet!   What a disservice to the public.

Here is a link if you are interested.  There are more references to look at within the article.

"Benefits and Risks of Neck Pain Treatment"